What Is Your Veil?

One Sunday Father preached
There is a veil over us, over all
We may deny this veil, but we know it well
It is a part of us in the form of ourselves
We feel it not as something separate
But rather inseparable
For each person it is different
But for all it does the same
Shades us from the true path that leads to God
He may walk ahead or behind
But our eyes will never know Him
How do we rid ourselves of this veil
When it binds both our hands, pulls us
Its hold over us is intoxicating
Drowning out all else until it is physically binding
We catch only glimpses of the sun
Only fragments of the wind
We wish to tear it off but can no longer find a hold
It is seeping into our soul
A binding skin, it has latched on
Identifying veil from skin becomes impossible
Our mind is clouded, but this is not who we are
We are not the veil
The strength it has is fed by us
If there is no acknowledgement
If we do not accept it, it will not be so
But what is true is our love for God
The truth is the Father
Follow your truth, and you will know Him
Walk beside Him, love Him
A love free and true
True and free of the veils of the world.

4 thoughts on “What Is Your Veil?

  1. Oh My God this is so true. A thought becomes an image. An image becomes an action. The action BECOMES you!
    You are an inspiration in showing us how you see things through your imagery.

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  2. Attending church services is my escape from the hustle and bustle of life. I have lived the rat race, I have burned the candle at both ends, plus the middle. If it wasn’t for my two girls and being a part of your lives, I’d probably be still pursuing the love of money instead of the love of God. Ultimately, i’d like to have a good answer when i’m knocking on heaven’s doors and God asks me, “what have you done for my people?” Wish I could of been there for the sermon.

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