Our Love Song

I am asleep to the sounds of the world
All is mute
It begins

A noise in the quake
A love that will awaken me
Call my name, thus I lie
Paralyzed I need only you
Sing me forth from the depths of night
A volume that rings pure
You command my state
I will rise to your name
To the songs of our love
Captured, captivated, I forever yours

At it’s end
You lay me down to rest
A soundless world filled only with our songs

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4 thoughts on “Our Love Song

  1. Did these thoughts come to you after watching Cinderella? Better to be awoken by true love rather than an alarm! I recently heard the top 10 best love songs on some TV music channel. I suppose you can Google. I approved of their top ten list, which of course, included Barry White. Tanks for the post


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