My Painted Sky


Orvieto, Italy

Why are there tears
When I look up into the sky
What do I see

I see everything.

Your love, your beauty, your soul
Your everything

My everything.

Painted living wonders
Dancing in the wind
I am carried in your arms

Where am I?

I have forgotten this world
Entering the one above
Free of my sorrows, pains
I am bound no more

For I have you always with me
Because you show me
In this world and in the next

Strength, courage, compassion, love, forgiveness, kindness…

Because of you
i am


I see God in colors. He is there in the bright yellow and oranges of the sun rises, in the ethereal blues, purples, and pinks of the nightly sun sets and in the incredible blues of the sky and the deep greens of grass. In the seconds that my eyes fall upon these wonders I am at peace, immediately thanking Him because I can see His work.

And it is beautiful.   

Where do you see God?

One Belief


Oahu, Hawaii

We had arrived an hour early to church through the confusion of time change. There was no one but us three in the church. I was a bit fidgety but there they were, right and left of me, both stoic…


We gather at church a little early
Sitting in the quiet
Somber, peaceful, silent
My dad with his head hung low
Mom with her eyes to the Gospel

I sit and I watch
Each deep in thought
For a moment the world is stilled
My mother clings to her religion through books, truth
Words that fill, satisfy
She accepts all and gives everything
Walking in search of Father who will heal her sins

I sit and I watch
With his head hung low, eyes closed shut, my father prays
An exhaustion so pure his body gives in
He has worn a different path
Searching not in books but in his heart
Solitude and meditation are his links

It is beautiful witnessing two beliefs
Both strong and powerful
Pure and genuine
A love rooted deep through living
Having known dark and light

I sit, I watch, I wonder
How can a belief be questioned
How can there be uncertainties
When your two constants have surrendered so completely
Where they go I will follow
It is not a blind following to be shamed
But rather a belief in of itself
To follow with all your heart
To love, to trust, to faithfully leap

I sit, I watch, I follow

Pure Joy

Recently joining Young Catholic Professionals I attended a panel discussion about Joy. There were three topics: pleasure, happiness and joy. Pleasure is fleeting, happiness is an emotion that comes and goes, but joy is constant. Only true joy may be given to us by God, by knowing Him. This gift allows us to persist even in the midst of our sadness.

Pure Joy is given to us by God
We see it in the crinkles of our eyes
Feel it in the lightness of our hearts
We asked and have received
And thank God for that because in Life there is also Sorrow

We have all seen Pain that overtakes
If our Joy so easily corrupts we have mistaken it for happiness
Merely an emotion amongst others
Pure Joy is a state of being
Be joyful in knowing that He is in control

And thank God for that

What Is Your Veil?

One Sunday Father preached
There is a veil over us, over all
We may deny this veil, but we know it well
It is a part of us in the form of ourselves
We feel it not as something separate
But rather inseparable
For each person it is different
But for all it does the same
Shades us from the true path that leads to God
He may walk ahead or behind
But our eyes will never know Him
How do we rid ourselves of this veil
When it binds both our hands, pulls us
Its hold over us is intoxicating
Drowning out all else until it is physically binding
We catch only glimpses of the sun
Only fragments of the wind
We wish to tear it off but can no longer find a hold
It is seeping into our soul
A binding skin, it has latched on
Identifying veil from skin becomes impossible
Our mind is clouded, but this is not who we are
We are not the veil
The strength it has is fed by us
If there is no acknowledgement
If we do not accept it, it will not be so
But what is true is our love for God
The truth is the Father
Follow your truth, and you will know Him
Walk beside Him, love Him
A love free and true
True and free of the veils of the world.

How Will You Run?

One finishes for gold and glory
Two finishes for strength and honor
Three finishes for peace and service

Thousands walk
Hundreds trot
Dozens run
Yet millions cross the line

If we are to share this road
At the end, when we cross
Our strength failing us
Will there be hands to steady us
Or to greet us as we fall

How will the end greet you?

via Daily Prompt: Marathon