Do you know me?

Passing me by on a street would you know me? Do we even bother to ask or wonder? The surfaces easily judgeable create fictions in our heads.

If I were to draw your gaze what would you see?
Perhaps a girl in her shy twenties, dark hair pulled back from her face, of average height and weight, dark eyes cast down focused on the ground.
Your gaze lingers a second longer…
You might notice my Mexican heritage, that my eyes once focused on the ground, dart around searching for strange sounds, lingering on unique faces, and a gold Aggie ring shines proudly on my right hand.

What if you were crazy enough to introduce yourself? With an awkward tap on the shoulder, maybe? If I was sitting down, pulling up a chair? Or the classic firm handshake accompanied with a friendly smile? What would you learn?

Well since you were so inclined to ask –
I would tell you I have lived in El Paso Texas most of my life with my family of four, but have lived in Tennessee and Georgia beforehand. An army brat at heart I love traveling and staying active. I graduated with a Bachelor in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University. Feeding both my love of design and traveling they mandated a semester of study abroad providing me with a new sense of independence and inspiration. Growing up I wanted to be a chef, author, or fashion designer. Whether young or old it will always be the simple and pure desire of mine to design. The ability to have your imagination become reality, an art of creation.

Our dreams, our deepest thoughts, however, are not shared with a single handshake.
Are you bold enough to venture farther?
Here is my dream. Drawing, designing and creating, voicing my inner contemplations, it is becoming reality.

The gazes we draw last only an instant, but the conversations we strike remain. So I will ask you in turn. What are your dreams, your thoughts? Will you join me in expressing to expose yourself?