Is This A Dream

During my study abroad travels in college it came time to say goodbye to Italy. I climbed a hill in the early morning to my favorite look out point. Sitting beneath a bricked archway I looked out, closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh mountain air. Silence all around, the fog already starting to fade, I took out my journal to write for the last time…

A muted peace in the air
Both saddened and alive with this final climb
Fingertips brushing, memorizing aged textures
My familiar spot, a familiar friend
This is home

Sitting here, hoping, praying
Is it a dream
My days are fading
The fog gathers, here, there, beyond my view
I am leaving tomorrow
I will fade like the morning fog
It was all a dream
Will I remember this place
Will it remember me
My traveled path leads away
Now it is time to return
Will I remember it
Will I ever return

This climb steeper, my breathing fills the morning air
Gray strands dancing, tickle my smiling face
Familiar rough textures reflecting back on my skin
At last, my old friend
I am home

via Daily Prompt: Foggy

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Our Love Song

I am asleep to the sounds of the world
All is mute
It begins

A noise in the quake
A love that will awaken me
Call my name, thus I lie
Paralyzed I need only you
Sing me forth from the depths of night
A volume that rings pure
You command my state
I will rise to your name
To the songs of our love
Captured, captivated, I forever yours

At it’s end
You lay me down to rest
A soundless world filled only with our songs

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Expecting You

I saw you across the way
Bathed in light
A distant beauty
A wondrous knight 

I saw you in my dreams
Glistening in the rain
A living passion
A saving reign

I saw you in my nightmares
Battling, soaring in flight
My silent obsession
A warrior in the night

I saw you across the way
Eyes catching mine
A beating heart
A walking sunshine and ray

You came my way


We may have expectations, a king in our dreams, a warrior in our nightmares.
If you gain my love you are the king of my heart, my warrior in life.
I expect nothing but you, the creator of my dreams, the defender of my nightmares.

Daily Prompt: Expectation

A Book’s Destruction


Fingers eagerly searching the years
Eyes devouring
I begin

A  world foreign
Opened and unleashed
Days fade into dreams
My mind soars
Feet roaming blindly
Nights sweet call gives me life
Called to the folds of fantasies
I dive into the depths of devastation
Overwhelming, uncontrollable emotion
I am a wave, sweeping with destruction
Power, strength and beauty ripples my body
A stone in the calm
I am changed, mind overtaken, body shaken
Two worlds collide, threatening reality
Through the cracks they pull
Can I breath
Winds that carry life and death
Words that pain, push me further
Havoc lays waste in my mind
Water that threatens to overtake, spills out of my eyes
I am sinking into emotion
Into a world of survival
At the depths, the ground meets us
A rest overcomes, succumbing to the fires in our throats
The end near, we are still

Wonderfully devastated

We wake from madness, from fantasy
Released from the bindings
Closed and finished
I end

Have you ever read a book, a series, and fallen into its trap? Been utterly devoted, invested in the characters, slightly obsessed? Lived and died alongside your hero’s or heroines?
Me too.

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

How Will You Run?

One finishes for gold and glory
Two finishes for strength and honor
Three finishes for peace and service

Thousands walk
Hundreds trot
Dozens run
Yet millions cross the line

If we are to share this road
At the end, when we cross
Our strength failing us
Will there be hands to steady us
Or to greet us as we fall

How will the end greet you?

via Daily Prompt: Marathon

What Do We Hide?

How do we see ourselves?
We try to run from the truth.
What do we let the world see?
We try to hide the truth.
What do our friends, lovers, family see?
We try to speak the truth.
The UNSEEN is the truth.
The question is who is able to see this truth?
Who will accept the unseen self?

via Daily Prompt: Unseen