A Book’s Destruction


Fingers eagerly searching the years
Eyes devouring
I begin

A  world foreign
Opened and unleashed
Days fade into dreams
My mind soars
Feet roaming blindly
Nights sweet call gives me life
Called to the folds of fantasies
I dive into the depths of devastation
Overwhelming, uncontrollable emotion
I am a wave, sweeping with destruction
Power, strength and beauty ripples my body
A stone in the calm
I am changed, mind overtaken, body shaken
Two worlds collide, threatening reality
Through the cracks they pull
Can I breath
Winds that carry life and death
Words that pain, push me further
Havoc lays waste in my mind
Water that threatens to overtake, spills out of my eyes
I am sinking into emotion
Into a world of survival
At the depths, the ground meets us
A rest overcomes, succumbing to the fires in our throats
The end near, we are still

Wonderfully devastated

We wake from madness, from fantasy
Released from the bindings
Closed and finished
I end

Have you ever read a book, a series, and fallen into its trap? Been utterly devoted, invested in the characters, slightly obsessed? Lived and died alongside your hero’s or heroines?
Me too.

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

How Will You Run?

One finishes for gold and glory
Two finishes for strength and honor
Three finishes for peace and service

Thousands walk
Hundreds trot
Dozens run
Yet millions cross the line

If we are to share this road
At the end, when we cross
Our strength failing us
Will there be hands to steady us
Or to greet us as we fall

How will the end greet you?

via Daily Prompt: Marathon

What Do We Hide?

How do we see ourselves?
We try to run from the truth.
What do we let the world see?
We try to hide the truth.
What do our friends, lovers, family see?
We try to speak the truth.
The UNSEEN is the truth.
The question is who is able to see this truth?
Who will accept the unseen self?

via Daily Prompt: Unseen


Man or woman, the truth lies in our hearts.
What we believe we are and what lives, shines underneath.
The truth resides in our souls, not in the form we hold.
Release it and find a flame that burns, yearning to be seen.
So concerned are we with the idea of realism,
we conform, forgetting our voice of imaginative power.
We each hold a flame within us, glowing with destructive ferocity.
Expose yourself to the wind, letting it catch within you,
expressing your wildest fears, dreams and visions.
We are bound, neither one without the other, trusting the wind to set us free.
A flickering flame without, a scorching blaze arisen in its breath.
Growing and growing we ride the embers of expression,
exhilarating in this exposure of ourselves.
A brightness no longer contained, we are alive,
living in the truth of our beauty, the freedom of our souls,
alight with the flames of desire in exposure of oneself.

Join me in expressing yourself to expose yourself.