A Book’s Destruction


Fingers eagerly searching the years
Eyes devouring
I begin

A  world foreign
Opened and unleashed
Days fade into dreams
My mind soars
Feet roaming blindly
Nights sweet call gives me life
Called to the folds of fantasies
I dive into the depths of devastation
Overwhelming, uncontrollable emotion
I am a wave, sweeping with destruction
Power, strength and beauty ripples my body
A stone in the calm
I am changed, mind overtaken, body shaken
Two worlds collide, threatening reality
Through the cracks they pull
Can I breath
Winds that carry life and death
Words that pain, push me further
Havoc lays waste in my mind
Water that threatens to overtake, spills out of my eyes
I am sinking into emotion
Into a world of survival
At the depths, the ground meets us
A rest overcomes, succumbing to the fires in our throats
The end near, we are still

Wonderfully devastated

We wake from madness, from fantasy
Released from the bindings
Closed and finished
I end

Have you ever read a book, a series, and fallen into its trap? Been utterly devoted, invested in the characters, slightly obsessed? Lived and died alongside your hero’s or heroines?
Me too.

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

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