Is This A Dream

During my study abroad travels in college it came time to say goodbye to Italy. I climbed a hill in the early morning to my favorite look out point. Sitting beneath a bricked archway I looked out, closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh mountain air. Silence all around, the fog already starting to fade, I took out my journal to write for the last time…

A muted peace in the air
Both saddened and alive with this final climb
Fingertips brushing, memorizing aged textures
My familiar spot, a familiar friend
This is home

Sitting here, hoping, praying
Is it a dream
My days are fading
The fog gathers, here, there, beyond my view
I am leaving tomorrow
I will fade like the morning fog
It was all a dream
Will I remember this place
Will it remember me
My traveled path leads away
Now it is time to return
Will I remember it
Will I ever return

This climb steeper, my breathing fills the morning air
Gray strands dancing, tickle my smiling face
Familiar rough textures reflecting back on my skin
At last, my old friend
I am home

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Corpus Christi, Texas

Beautiful in life, we live amidst the trees
Swaying with the winds, glowing in the hues
But a moment we balance
When in time we fall, it is not in finality
Caught in open arms or among the shores of creation
Carried away, a beautiful goodnight

To all those who have closed their eyes to this world
Who will truly see when they open them again

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Our Love Song

I am asleep to the sounds of the world
All is mute
It begins

A noise in the quake
A love that will awaken me
Call my name, thus I lie
Paralyzed I need only you
Sing me forth from the depths of night
A volume that rings pure
You command my state
I will rise to your name
To the songs of our love
Captured, captivated, I forever yours

At it’s end
You lay me down to rest
A soundless world filled only with our songs

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What Is Your Veil?

One Sunday Father preached
There is a veil over us, over all
We may deny this veil, but we know it well
It is a part of us in the form of ourselves
We feel it not as something separate
But rather inseparable
For each person it is different
But for all it does the same
Shades us from the true path that leads to God
He may walk ahead or behind
But our eyes will never know Him
How do we rid ourselves of this veil
When it binds both our hands, pulls us
Its hold over us is intoxicating
Drowning out all else until it is physically binding
We catch only glimpses of the sun
Only fragments of the wind
We wish to tear it off but can no longer find a hold
It is seeping into our soul
A binding skin, it has latched on
Identifying veil from skin becomes impossible
Our mind is clouded, but this is not who we are
We are not the veil
The strength it has is fed by us
If there is no acknowledgement
If we do not accept it, it will not be so
But what is true is our love for God
The truth is the Father
Follow your truth, and you will know Him
Walk beside Him, love Him
A love free and true
True and free of the veils of the world.


We are wild winged creatures
Diving the depths of the world
Thinking we cast shadows in our flight

Are we dragon or demon
In the end, we are doves pure and white

We question where the winds have carried us
What caverns deep our wings have swallowed
The darkness which descends, engulfs us

Are we dragon or demon
In the end, a spirit free and bright

Our wings longer with every pulse
We soar higher than mountains, than heavens
An armor of mind and body
We descend upon terrors, victorious

Are we dragon or demon
In the end, a creation strong and bare

Blending with the landscapes of land and oceans
We are painted, tinted by the colors of the world
Burning bright in the light, a beacon in the night
We have changed, we remain, we are…

Dragons, fire and night
Demons, pain and life
Doves, pure and white
Human, wrong and right


Inspired by a close friend.

We are burdened with our insecurities, with the choices we make thinking they define us. They do not define us, only change us. Yet, who is to say change is bad.  We may not be who we once were, but we will always be who we were meant to be. We may have changed, but we remain, we are ourselves.

Expecting You

I saw you across the way
Bathed in light
A distant beauty
A wondrous knight 

I saw you in my dreams
Glistening in the rain
A living passion
A saving reign

I saw you in my nightmares
Battling, soaring in flight
My silent obsession
A warrior in the night

I saw you across the way
Eyes catching mine
A beating heart
A walking sunshine and ray

You came my way


We may have expectations, a king in our dreams, a warrior in our nightmares.
If you gain my love you are the king of my heart, my warrior in life.
I expect nothing but you, the creator of my dreams, the defender of my nightmares.

Daily Prompt: Expectation