My Painted Sky


Orvieto, Italy

Why are there tears
When I look up into the sky
What do I see

I see everything.

Your love, your beauty, your soul
Your everything

My everything.

Painted living wonders
Dancing in the wind
I am carried in your arms

Where am I?

I have forgotten this world
Entering the one above
Free of my sorrows, pains
I am bound no more

For I have you always with me
Because you show me
In this world and in the next

Strength, courage, compassion, love, forgiveness, kindness…

Because of you
i am


I see God in colors. He is there in the bright yellow and oranges of the sun rises, in the ethereal blues, purples, and pinks of the nightly sun sets and in the incredible blues of the sky and the deep greens of grass. In the seconds that my eyes fall upon these wonders I am at peace, immediately thanking Him because I can see His work.

And it is beautiful.   

Where do you see God?

I Am A Thinker


Sedona, Arizona


My troubles set my already troubled mind down a dim road.
They pile on, unforgiving in their weight.
One by one I hold a box before me, revealing its contents with the pleasure a girl might have opening her closet to check for monsters.
I try to make sense of them, because I am a thinker.
Sorting out the why’s, the because.
Searching for an answer, a semblance of a reason this box is here.
I am too slow in my goings, the progress I make seems but a single page from a book, where there is little hope in understanding the entire story.
But I must make sense of it, because I am a thinker.
Oh how I wish things were easier done than said, than thought.
If they were maybe I would burn my troubles to the ground.
Would I be free of the weight then or would I remain trapped to the ashes left
in its wake?
The humor of it seems I am both wary of action and inaction.
I fight for the sanity of my rationality knowing my mind is both lock and key, with the power to free and the power to cripple.
A balance of both, a lesson in each, I surrender to the acceptance of the weight.
I carry them now in the hopes that someday I will have the strength to light the match, scattering the ashes with a lasting breath of air.
My mind settles and I am free.
Because I am a thinker.


I have always been told: “You’re a thinker.”
I always thought it was a good thing, but I’ve come to realize sometimes you just need to act.

I write this after having lost an opportunity because of my lack of action. Have you ever lost something because you did nothing, were waiting for a better moment? Could you see the opportunities laid out before you but didn’t act because you were afraid of failure?

Most of us struggle with this. It’s a fight we must win against our own mind telling us to hide. We do not realize it in that moment of uncertainty, but there is nothing to hide from. Sometimes we need to release ourselves from the pressure of overthinking things, from searching for every possibility. Break through that barrier because it’s holding you back from life and unimaginable experiences.

Our mind can be our cripple but it can also be our greatest strength.

Conquer it and you will conquer fear!


Who We Are


San Antonio, Texas

Defined by our past
Our great loves and epic tragedies
Our triumphs and failures
The company we keep
And those who’ve fallen

The surface so easily legible
We are labeled and defined
Friend or Foe
Worthy or Unworthy
What then remains

We are all that can be seen
Yet so much more

Dreaming creatures, we are passion
Longful leaders, wild believers
Beautiful lovers, hopeful visionaries
Ever-changing, always and forever
Dreaming, believing, seeking

Who we are


We are wild winged creatures
Diving the depths of the world
Thinking we cast shadows in our flight

Are we dragon or demon
In the end, we are doves pure and white

We question where the winds have carried us
What caverns deep our wings have swallowed
The darkness which descends, engulfs us

Are we dragon or demon
In the end, a spirit free and bright

Our wings longer with every pulse
We soar higher than mountains, than heavens
An armor of mind and body
We descend upon terrors, victorious

Are we dragon or demon
In the end, a creation strong and bare

Blending with the landscapes of land and oceans
We are painted, tinted by the colors of the world
Burning bright in the light, a beacon in the night
We have changed, we remain, we are…

Dragons, fire and night
Demons, pain and life
Doves, pure and white
Human, wrong and right


Inspired by a close friend.

We are burdened with our insecurities, with the choices we make thinking they define us. They do not define us, only change us. Yet, who is to say change is bad.  We may not be who we once were, but we will always be who we were meant to be. We may have changed, but we remain, we are ourselves.


Man or woman, the truth lies in our hearts.
What we believe we are and what lives, shines underneath.
The truth resides in our souls, not in the form we hold.
Release it and find a flame that burns, yearning to be seen.
So concerned are we with the idea of realism,
we conform, forgetting our voice of imaginative power.
We each hold a flame within us, glowing with destructive ferocity.
Expose yourself to the wind, letting it catch within you,
expressing your wildest fears, dreams and visions.
We are bound, neither one without the other, trusting the wind to set us free.
A flickering flame without, a scorching blaze arisen in its breath.
Growing and growing we ride the embers of expression,
exhilarating in this exposure of ourselves.
A brightness no longer contained, we are alive,
living in the truth of our beauty, the freedom of our souls,
alight with the flames of desire in exposure of oneself.

Join me in expressing yourself to expose yourself.