Paris, France

Sink to the depths of the ocean
Age a thousand lifetimes floating like a leaf
Wait by the flames and become ash
Search for these moments

And settle

Hold tight this quiet that settles your mind
Releasing the voices of turmoil
Finding your rescue within

Shouting to the howling wind will defeat you
Dulling your embrace of this world
A deafening companion of uncertainty
Seek out your core, steadying your foundation
And build amidst the darkest depths of silence
Finding your armor against this world

Breathe in your peace and release
Your heartbeat a steady reminder
Rest a focused thought
Bring it in but hold on to nothing
In and out till it’s slow and steady

Find your answer
You are the deep ocean
A floating leaf and the dying embers
Find your calm

And settle

The Way I See You

Sedona, Arizona

How do you feel on this morning?

There are tears in my eyes
Time moves on and yet I linger
Another day, another year

I wish for the wind, ripping through my hair
For the sun to burn my skin
For the gravel to pound my skin
For the pain that once drove me

Now there is new pain
This kind I do not like
It grips me in the night and never fades
Now I am fear, regret, and despair
I am tired

But how do you look on this morning?

My eyes have dried so I put on a smile
Never will you see me weep
Another day, another year
I am tired

And yet you have never asked me
How do I see you?

You are strength, determination, and courage
You are beauty, love, and kindness
You are whole
You are everything


You never have to face this world alone.
I am here.