Fly Home To Me


Belgium, Antwerp


To love
To be loved
To want love
What more is there
No matter my state, introvert, single, independent
I love, I am loved, I want to be loved
My arms wide come to me
Fly home

A quiet silence between us
An escapable fire in the dark
Moonlit warmth I surround you
Let’s rest together and find peace
My arms wide I will never let go
And in the end
After a lifetime together
We will fly home

Expecting You

I saw you across the way
Bathed in light
A distant beauty
A wondrous knight 

I saw you in my dreams
Glistening in the rain
A living passion
A saving reign

I saw you in my nightmares
Battling, soaring in flight
My silent obsession
A warrior in the night

I saw you across the way
Eyes catching mine
A beating heart
A walking sunshine and ray

You came my way


We may have expectations, a king in our dreams, a warrior in our nightmares.
If you gain my love you are the king of my heart, my warrior in life.
I expect nothing but you, the creator of my dreams, the defender of my nightmares.

Daily Prompt: Expectation