Is This A Dream

During my study abroad travels in college it came time to say goodbye to Italy. I climbed a hill in the early morning to my favorite look out point. Sitting beneath a bricked archway I looked out, closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh mountain air. Silence all around, the fog already starting to fade, I took out my journal to write for the last time…

A muted peace in the air
Both saddened and alive with this final climb
Fingertips brushing, memorizing aged textures
My familiar spot, a familiar friend
This is home

Sitting here, hoping, praying
Is it a dream
My days are fading
The fog gathers, here, there, beyond my view
I am leaving tomorrow
I will fade like the morning fog
It was all a dream
Will I remember this place
Will it remember me
My traveled path leads away
Now it is time to return
Will I remember it
Will I ever return

This climb steeper, my breathing fills the morning air
Gray strands dancing, tickle my smiling face
Familiar rough textures reflecting back on my skin
At last, my old friend
I am home

via Daily Prompt: Foggy

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13 thoughts on “Is This A Dream

  1. Every time we take a trip to Ruidoso, NM I always leave saying I must return more often. I love the mountain air, so pure, odorless, breathtaking, refreshing and on and on. I can picture myself on the hill you describe and seems like a spot I would love to visit. Do you think we can arrange a picnic with maybe Papa Johns pizza and some Italian wine?

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